New experience ahead

Until few weeks ago I feel my life is so bored, as the result I travel so much within this 5 years. I was thinking by travelling to another place will bring me new experiences by knowing how other people’s life, knowing their culture, seeing beautiful scenery or getting closer with nature. It gives me some refreshment in my mind, for a while. But then the joy not last for long when I face chores. In fact, I feel like I don’t like in doing the same things everyday for a long time, that is so bored for me.

In order to handle the boredom situation, I try new hobby between my travelling agenda. I joined sewing course and start to learn to make some bags, clothes, and cushions. Actually my skill in sew not so bad either. But I feel like I don’t have much time to try all the tutorial in youtube and to work on my homework from my tutor. You can guess the end of my hobby, failed. I drop out from my course.

In my office I have a bestfriend. She is similar to me in some way, but actually people see us very different in appearance and they will hardly believe that we have the same interest and dream. One of our dream is living abroad. She inspired by some of her relatives who already living in australia. I also inspired by my friends and family who already did so. Our thought is, if they can why can’t we. It so funny to remember that time, when the only easiest job we can find in australia is working in the field as a grape pickers, hahaha LOL.

The dream still live in me. Until someday, I try to get a scholarship to continue my education abroad. Alhamdulillah I get the scholarship. And now I am on my way to move to London for one year. I already take my work leave now and just realize that I will leave so many people and creatures I love in Indonesia, my family, friends, and my pets. I also will miss Surabaya’s delicious food. Yet, every choice has its own consequences. Even though I will lose all the comfort facilities and situation, but I feel excited to meet new people and experiencing  education abroad. Can’t wait the 9th of september.


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