Everything Has Changed

Confusing part of my life start…

When suddenly come someone that very look a like someone in my past.

He is my new sensei.

I took Japanese language course since 6 months ago. And the course foundation got new sensei because there is 1 sensei that become a full time worker in another place.

It’s very surprising when I first met him. His face, his voice, his smile, his face expression, all remind me of someone in the past.

Even it’s already years since when we met each other. And seems like very long time ago when that feeling blossom. Still, frequently I miss about him. And when I miss him, I sent a message or two.

I have through so much in pain to get rid of my feeling . But now, once again my feeling beat my logic…

I hope this feeling will be over soon… because it might be a false feeling, just a short of nostalgic moment.

I just wanna know him better right now. See his face feels like coming home. But now, everything has changed, in a good way *inspired by “everything has changed” by Taylor swift*

My logic say, i must move on, once again. But my feeling say don’t.


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