A Man and His Campervan

This morning I really miss the “A man and his campervan” show. Because that show describe the life that I want to have. The man in the show described as a person with his campervan. Every morning he travelling around england from one village to another with his campervan, of course with his cooking tools inside. His looking for the special thing from a village. Not only visiting, he also make friends with the locals and try the habits they used to do. The best part is cooking the special food from natural resources that already found in that village. That man is an expert in serving simple but delicious meal which is appropriate to be eat outdoor.

I wish I live in england and have a campervan and have my own television show so I got paid from my travel. In that way, life won’t be this bored. Now I know how to life in the same house as I was born for about 28 years ago. Believe me I really need that man’s job. SOS!


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