My Company’s Website

Nowdays, most people spend more of their time in the virtual world. Not only search for knowledge, but also people like to buy and sell things online. With searching, buying and selling things online, people can save their time. That kind of trend push websites to be more attractive and easy to use by the user.

Related to telecommunication company’s website in Indonesia, none of them have a good website (of course in my opinion, because there is no research yet about this). No website that meet the need of their customers.  As we know, the first layer which in touch directly with the customer in the virtual world is the website itself, and in the real world is the customer service representatives. So, if the website doesn’t meet the customer needs, they have to go to the customer service representative to ask (even) a small thing about the company’s product.

Recently I little bit concerned about my company’s service and website, although we have several awards related to the customer service. For the website first. If you are looking for some information in website, it’s like you are looking a needle in a bunch of straw. The menu tab is way too much, so I also confuse which link should I clicked to get the information I need. And most of the information there are out of date. The second, if you go to the customer service representative, you must be a person with a lot of spare time because more waiting time than the service time. The worst is, a lot of my friends confuse about the number of call center contact, is the website doesn’t provide this important information ? (and the answer is yes, but difficult to search in website)

My previous posting had discussed about artificial intelligence system that simplify the customer service representatives job. The idea is to make website as the first gate information before people suggested to visit the customer service representatives at the gallery. Now, the idea is still the same, which is make the website as interactive and informative as possible and in other hand simple. Simple mean in its layout and site map.

If you still don’t have such a hint about a good informative website, for this example you can visit The customer support link really provide appropriate information in some category. I think that way really reduce the customer service representative’s job load. And there is a website like asics and a website, which I forget not bookmarked it, that provide tools to give suggestion and recommendation which product is appropriate with the need of the customer.

With the customer service attach to website, it will reduce the number of customer that contact through call center or visit the customer service representatives. And with the suggestion tools, customer will know which one of our products is suitable for them.

The company should think about this, due to the increasing of cellular data customer, handsets and tablets. People now like to search information through websites. And the company which don’t have a good website, is really out of date, not cool 🙂


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