i avoid judgement, i try to open minded

What’s happening on my country?
Why everybody seems to know everything that actually they don’t?
Why I so much questioning? Am I complaining?

Some days ago I’ve found some article from few person, but they didn’t mention what specialization they have so they can give judgement. The first article is about few person (in an online forum) said that they hate so much with a person. The person they talked about is a professor. The second article is about some webpages that give only negative comments about a product. A product they talked about is already have international sertification about it’s quality, moreover the company already listed on NASDAQ stock exchange.

It’s not clear whether they already research about the things they talked about, so they can give such comments. I’ve read their web pages and they give some logical reason. But which is the fact ? The statement that already have an international recognition or comments that not mention it’s source but their logic?

Confusing huh? Not need to confuse, I think. We just need to search the testimony about a person or a product. Maybe you can find persons near you that can give testimony. And which one you believe the most, the one with international statements/recognition or the one with personal logical statements.

Sometimes I don’t like about things or persons. But when someone give new statements, I try to open my mind. I try to listen even if it’s hard. Then I collect information, so I can decide which one I can trust. I avoid judgement. I try to open minded.

~ ¤•¤ ~

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