The Loak Book Market

Have you ever been to loak book market ? It’s too bad if you’ve never been there, because in loak book market we can find a lot of books with the cheaper price than the new books in stores. In Surabaya we can find two famous loak book market at semarang road (near the turi train station) and at the blauran market. That two loak book market already there since 70’s (according to my mother’s testimony, it is possible that they are already there long time before that era). At early time the loak book market exist, we can find only second hand book or old book sold there. But right now, we can find not only second hand or old book but also the new one complete with it’s plastic and seal.

What are the criteria to define the price of the old book or second hand book ? The first thing is the condition of the book. The better the condition, the higher the price. And then it is valued by the quality of the paper and the thickness. At the loak book market, the seller don’t really care whether the book is very rare or the only one book left in this world. The books not valued by that. All books are the same. Except for the new books, the price is almost the same like in the stores. There also a pirated books sold there.

When I went to loak book market, I ussually spent a lot of my time. Feels like I’m at a book’s paradise. There I can found so many books than I expected. For example I can find good old novels, dictats, comics, maps, dictionary, and many more. I ever found tintin’s book but not in it’s cartoon version but in humans picture version with the black and white colour (as I remember, the picture is taken at 70’s or 80’s, I forget since the book is missing). And if you are lucky, you can find good pirated books with a cheap price (kalau lagi kepepet aja belinya).

Now, loak book market is a very good alternative place for books lover. Moreover, in semarang road there is a new cheap book area opened, which is called “kampung ilmu”. There you can find new books with a very chep price ( I notice that maybe that’s the pirated book but with the same quality as the real book, or maybe that is really the real book not the pirated one, I don’t know ).

I really miss the time to go there, smell the books, see the unique and antique books and then buy them…. I miss u so, all the books at loak book market… Wait for me this weekend ^_^

*sory my english is bad, but that’s okay as long as you understand the things I try to explain 🙂


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